Any Advice: Child Having Trouble Switching from a Posterior Walker


DEAR ERI COMMUNITY: I have a high school student with cerebral palsy who is using ad UP and Free walker. He has been using it now for about 4 months. He continues to struggle with controlling it even when he holds on. HE was completely independent with a Kay posterior walker but now needs help even with steering and initating movement with this walker. Does anyone have any experience with this or any links to research? Any help is much appreciated!

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4 Responses to Any Advice: Child Having Trouble Switching from a Posterior Walker

  1. Joanne Bundonis says:

    It may be the swivels on the new walker
    Try locking up the swivels if the Kaye had less swivels it is hard to get control of if he wasn’t before. But here’s another question why switch walkers if he was doing well with the other. They make Kaye’s for clients that are taller.

  2. mary fontaine says:

    why are you changing his walker if the posterior walker was working well?

  3. Larry Sulham, PT, MSPT says:

    During my many years of practice I have at times attempted the same change from a reverse walker. Eventually I became smarter and stopped trying to improve an independent walker to a non independent walker. If the child wants the change then more work is necessary in weight bearing as the poor control is usually associated with the child primarily weight bearing on the upper extremities not the lower extremities thus causing poor ability to control the gait trainer.

  4. Mandy says:

    Post from Kathleen:
    In response to Megan’s post, I would like to help with the Up-N-Free. Can you share video of this student in the Kay posterior walker and in the Up-N-Free? Does he have very short hamstrings?

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