Measuring Therapy Productivity in Acute Care

Judy Posts:

DEAR ERI COMMUNITY: Has anyone found a good way to measure productivity in acute care? It can vary so much from day to day for the evaluating therapists depending on what types of patients were admitted and how many times that you have to go back to a patient before you can see them due to tests, etc. Also, I feel like sometimes the PT is consulted only so that the physician can decide where the best place is to send the patient the next day such as SNF, acute rehab, or home. My background is acute rehab and I am having trouble feeling like I am doing my best in acute care. I work in different facilities now as a floater.Thanks

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2 Responses to Measuring Therapy Productivity in Acute Care

  1. Janelle says:

    I often feel that as an acute care PT I am consulted just to determine which “conveyor belt” to place a pt on (home, SNF, acute rehab). Sometimes our input is very vital to this process, and other times we get consulted on patients who are fully ambulatory and any medical professional could quickly and easily assess if the patient needs PT to be able to safely function in the home. In my 7 years experience in acute care, I see PT overutilized by the physicians and nursing staff. When patients need to be up and mobile, but do not need actual skilled PT, they consult PT for routine ambulation and transfer to chair activities. I have often wished we had a “restorative aide” who would walk with patients and help them up to a chair, rather than spending time and money for a PT to do it.

    As for productivity, it’s a hot topic. Our facility calculates it by dividing the number of units billed that day by the number of possible units. For example, in my 10 hour day, the max number of units I could get if I was 100% productive would be 40. So I divide the number of units I got that day by 40 to get my percentage of productivity. My facility has a productivity goal of 70%, and we have no tech to use to help us with the time consuming tasks like searching for equipment or setting up rooms. I’d be curious to know what other acute care settings have as productivity goals.

  2. LeeLee says:

    I am interested in learning what the new trends are to productivity for OT and PT in hospitals. Are you therapists billing for evaluations and treatments often in the same session? If charging for an eval and treat in the same session is there a timespan requirement? Do your managers focus on units seen in a day or patients seen in a day?

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