OT Looking for Evidenced-Based Best Practice Assessments

Martha Posts:

DEAR ERI COMMUNITY: I would like to know if anyone  recommends or is aware of a good assessment for OT’s to use to evaluate ADL’s and IADL’s in the home. Our agency is looking for evidenced-based best practice assessments.
Thank you.

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  1. Suzanne Clark, PT, DPT, COS-C says:

    Hello Martha,
    Standardized tests and measures OTs could use to assess ADLs and IADLS in the home include both performance measures and self-report measures. For performance measures you could try the Modified Physical Performance Test and the Executive Function Performance Test. For self-report measures take a look at the Activity Measure-Post Acute Care (AM-PAC), Cleveland Scale of Activities of Daily Living (dementia), Katz Index of ADL, Canadian Occupational Performance Measure, Barthel Index, or Disabilities of the Arm, Shoulder, and Hand Questionnaire (DASH).

    The decision as to which test to use depends on the patient that you are evaluating. Tests should assist therapists in determining a patient’s level of impairment, assist in deciding appropriate interventions and measurement of the patient’s progress over time.

    New tests and measures are continually being developed and more research is being done on current measures. A great place to find good information about various tests and measures is the Rehabilitation Measures Database at http://www.rehabmeasures.org . This database was developed by the Rehabilitation Institute of Chicago and the Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine. The database provides an evidenced-based summaries, statistical reviews and links to many different instruments.

    Hope this information helps you and your agency.
    Suzanne Clark, PT, DPT, COS-C

    • Martha Elafros says:

      Thank you very much for your reply, Suzanne. This information is very helpful. We are familiar with the Canadian Occupational Performance Measure. It’s nice to have several options.
      Thank you again.

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