Feeding Dilemma – 5 month old

Jennifer Martin Posts:

DEAR ERI COMMUNITY:  I am an SLP working with a 5-month old, full-term baby, who was born with a duplication of chromosome 7. She is feeding using a Habermann feeder right now. She is not able to use a regular bottle, as she does not use suction, but only compression to express the formula. When using a pacifier for non-nutritive sucking, she is able to hold it in her mouth for less than a minute by herself. When checking her sucking ability with my finger, she is not wrapping the sides of her tongue, but only using compression to feed. One of the symptoms of this duplication is low muscle tone, and she mainly demonstrates this with all muscles from the waist up.

Does anyone have suggestions on how to improve her sucking ability? Also, when she is able to transition to a regular bottle again, what are some suggestions for bottle brands/types? Thank you!

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  1. Katie says:

    Hi Jennifer!
    I would try to use an orthodontic nipple. These nipples require less tongue cupping and require more compression rather than suction. Many children with low tone (down syndrome) can benefit from using these nipples. Hope this helps!

  2. Gina says:

    For the mean time, I’m wondering if chin and cheek support would help her establish some suction in order to use an orthodontic or Playtex nurser nipple.
    For babies who do have typical sucking ability, I prefer the Playtex nursers.

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