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Thank you
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Pediatric Gait Discussion Group

The team at Education Resources is excited to announce the launch of our 

A venue for therapists to discuss any clinical challenges or tips with other colleagues

We have received overwhelming feedback asking for a place to pose clinical questions, receive advice from other therapists and discuss the latest advancements related to pediatric gait. We are creating a forum to serve these needs.


Thank you!

Please stay tuned for our new online course offerings that will help you develop your differential diagnosis skills – Launching soon!

We continue to strive to meet your needs as you develop your skills to meet the ever changing demands of health care and education. We welcome your suggestions for future courses. 508-359-6533 ● 800-487-6530

Please Click Here to Join Our Mailing List

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Lose The Socket – How Osseointegration May Improve Outcomes For Amputees

Post from Distinguished Faculty Member; Inger Brueckner, PT

Rehabilitation for patients with limb loss or limb difference is undergoing a huge transformation. The new technology available is changing all the time and can be difficult to keep up. Insurance coverage for new technology is also very challenging.
As someone who works with these patients, the advances that excite me the most are the surgeries. The physicians of The Limb Preservation Institute at Presbyterian/St. Luke’s Medical Center feel that the limb loss population is under-served.
Osseointegration(OI) of 2 lower limb patients was performed at P/SL on 02/21/2017.

The main concern about OI is infection risk. If the device needs to be removed due an infection, then the residual limb may have to be shortened, and that can be devastating to function.
What makes the OI performed in Denver unique is the porous coating of the OI implant. After over a decade of research, Dr. Ronald Hugate MD has come up with a design that will allow soft tissue to grown into the metal bringing blood supply to limit the infection risk.
Suspension systems can create skin issues, neuromas and lead to limited mobility and inconsistent control. Removing the socket interface can solve many skin problems. The direct skeletal attachment offers greater sensory feedback through osseoperception. When the limb loss patient moves the residual bone, they have to move through the soft tissue to contact the hard socket and energy is lost. Patients can also have difficulty with fit by gaining or losing as little as 5 pounds, which is a significant problem.

Double Amputee Takes First Steps With Permanent Leg Implant

This advancement is only one of many being performed around the world. Because these medical advances improve function, this is a very exciting time to work with such a deserving population.

Thank you Inger!

Don’t miss the opportunity to hear Inger speak:

Amputee Rehabilitation Across the Continuum of Care using Evidence Based Practice
June 10-11, 2017 – Philadelphia, PA
October 7-8, 2017 –  Minneapolis, MN
November 3-4, 2017 – Decatur, GA


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Winner of OT Scholarship Announced

Willa Overland

OT Scholarship Winner 

CELEBRATING OT MONTH and OT Centennial Year 2017

Willa receives free tuition to a 2 day live course, a $435 value.

Click here for full details of this scholarship.

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Bobbi Pineda Recognized for her Clinical Research in the NICU

  • Nomination Criteria:
    • The nominee must be an occupational therapist, physical therapist, or speech language pathologist.
    • The nominee must be a current Member of NANT. 
    • The nominee’s published research has contributed to the body of evidence that supports the underpinnings and practices of neonatal therapy.

Roberta Pineda

Bobbi Pineda: I am a research scientist committed to developing interventions that optimize neurodevelopmental outcomes in high-risk newborn infants, specifically infants born prematurely. I have more than 20 years of experience as a NICU-based occupational therapist and 10 years of clinical research experience in the NICU at St. Louis Children’s and Barnes-Jewish Special Care Nursery. From my previous work, I have a successful track record of publications documenting the effects of environmental factors such as room type (open ward compared to private room), parent presence and holding, neonatal positioning, stress related to medical interventions, sensory based interventions in the NICU, the auditory environment of the NICU, and early therapy services in and outside of the NICU.  

My group has identified a developmental disadvantage among infants in the NICU private room compared to the open ward. Subsequent studies identified significant differences in the sound environment in open wards compared to private rooms.  Currently we are engaged in work to implement an intentional amount of positive sensory exposures each day of hospitalization and to measure the effects of such positive, parent-delivered sensory exposures.  We also have published findings related to feeding, one of the most important occupations of infancy. More recently, we have developed a new feeding assessment, which is now available for research and clinical applications.  The Neonatal Eating Outcome Assessment is a developmental feeding assessment for use with preterm infants during the neonatal period.  I have also received funding to build a prototype of a new infant bottle, the Preemie Pacer, which aims to address issues of poor suck-swallow-breathe synchrony, which is a common problem in preterm infants as they start to orally feed. 

Finally, other work in the Washington University OT NICU lab centers around bridging the gap in services from NICU to home, so that infants can continue to receive quality and continuous therapy services to improve health and well-being.  The OT NICU lab is part of Washington University, where I am able to mentor OT graduate students on neonatal therapy and aid them in conducting clinical research that can impact the lives of those who start their lives in the NICU.  In addition, many of these students are inspired to go on to practice in the NICU and make their mark on the field. 

My long-term goal is to optimize outcomes in high-risk infants so that they can go on to lead productive and fulfilling lives.


There are just a few opportunities left to hear Bobbi speak in 2017:

Assessment and Intervention with the High Risk Infant in the NICU and During the Transition to Home
June 3-4, 2017 – Danbury CT
October 7-8, 2017 – St. Louis, MO
November 18-19, 2017 – Portland, OR
Please click her for detailed information to download a brochure or to register

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EXHIBITOR AND SPONSORSHIP OPPORTUNITIES at our Popular School Based Conference 2017


Eighteenth Annual
THERAPIES in the SCHOOL Conference
November 15 -16 -17, 2017
Framingham, MA

Looking to be a Sponsor or to Exhibit?

There is no better way to reach school therapists

A NEW Opportunity to Exhibit at our Pre-conference in 2017

There is no better way to reach school based personnel than to showcase your relevant products and services at this popular  annual conference, “Therapies in the School”.

For many years, this conference has attracted key decision makers in disciplines such as occupational, physical, and speech therapy, psychology, teaching, and special education from all over the U.S. and Canada. 

 The pre- conference on November 15 attracts approximately 300 special educators, teachers, psychologists and school based therapists to learn a program “The Zones of Regulation”, which provides strategies to teach students to become more aware of and independent in controlling their emotions and impulses.

The “Therapies in the School” annual conference on November 16-17 continues the learning with another 300 school based therapists (OT, PT and SLP). The course content focuses on aligning motor needs with educational needs, and how to improve executive function in children who are receiving therapy services in the school setting. Strategies to reduce anxiety and problem behaviors in the classroom, as well as the latest advances in technology to address cognitive deficits and executive skills, are discussed.

We are now pleased to offer multiple levels of sponsorship opportunities.
We hope to see you at this year’s conference.

Limited Availability so Reserve Early!

We look forward to seeing you at this year’s conference!


Premium Level
Complimentary Guest Registration (1) to attend the conference and earn CEUs if applicable. 

We offer a buffet breakfast on each morning of the conference,
a wonderful opportunity for participants to network.

Lunch (limited to three sponsors)
Our participants enjoy a sit-down luncheon to reconnect and
network with colleagues on the last day of the conference.

Coffee Break (multiple opportunities available)
Our participants do not go hungry!
We offer breaks on each day. 

Other Sponsorship Opportunities Customized to Suit your Needs

Please contact me with any questions 
Mandy: 508 359 6533 800-487-6530

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Therapist Survey: Enter to win a $100 Amazon gift card

Share your thoughts and help us shape the future of continuing education.
What do you love about our courses? Where can we improve?
Share your opinions and let us know what makes a CEU course truly rewarding
for you as a therapist.

Be sure to submit your contact info at the end of the survey to enter to win a
$100 gift card.

Thank You from the entire Education Resources team

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Last Chances to Attend Advanced NICU course

Beth McManus

We are sad to announce that a much loved and respected member of our faculty; Beth McManus is taking a break from teaching for a while to spend time with her family.

Beth recently spoke at the National Association of Neonatal Therapists (NANT) annual conference and was extremely well received by all.

We are honored that she will be teaching 3 more dates for us this year, and we want to make sure that you don’t miss them:

Advanced Clinical Practice in the NICU
June 9-10, 2017 – Pittsburgh, PA

October 6-7, 2017 – Indianapolis, IN
November 3-4, 2017 – San Leandro, CA

This intermediate-advanced course will focus on clinical decision-making for medically and developmentally complex patients in the NICU and transition to home and EI. Emphasis will be on in-depth knowledge of pathophysiology of common NICU diagnoses and special populations; choice and interpretation of evaluation tools and evidence-based therapeutic interventions, implementing developmentally supportive oral feeding interventions, and transition to post-NICU care. Labs and video case analysis to allow attendees to integrate course material for complex clinical decisions around behavioral, developmental and feeding intervention.

Please click here for full course details, to download brochures or to register. 

On behalf of all our community of therapists we would like to thank Beth for sharing her knowledge, experience and skills with us.

We wish Beth all the very best, and will stay in touch with her.

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Congratulations to the Winners of our NANT Conference Raffle

I am happy to announce that Nancy from CA, and Linda from OH were chosen as our winners from the raffle we held at last weeks NANT 7 conference (National Association of Neonatal Therapists)


We randomly chose names from all of the therapists who opted to join our email list. Nancy and Linda will each win a two day live course of their choosing.

We were lucky enough to be able to speak to many neonatal therapists – but would love to hear from all of you and welcome all thoughts and ideas for new topics, speakers and potential venues.

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NANT 7 – Amazing Experience for all Neonatal Therapists


Carol and I have just returned from an absolutely amazing few days surrounded by almost 500 passionate, dedicated and influential neonatal therapists.

We heard their needs, their suggestions and their thoughts for the future and were consumed with their absolute devotion to their babies and parents.

As professional partners with NANT (the National Association of Neonatal Therapists) we were honored to attend their annual conference in Phoenix. Three full days listening to experts in the field of feeding, research, advanced clinical reasoning….. and the support of our most fragile population.

We were privileged to be able to spend time with many, discuss CEU needs, hear the excitement and need to bring new faculty and courses to their facilities, but also to hear about frustrations and how they want to bring about change. We admire the absolute passion and drive.

Carol Loria with Roberta Pineda

We spent time with some of our own dedicated faculty members and were excited to speak to potential new speakers (watch this space!) about new content and ideas for new courses. 

Our deepest congratulations to Sue Ludwig and her dedicated team for the inspiration and support of this specialized, dedicated group of therapists

Carol and I came away with new found friends, and with a desire to be able to provide for the needs of these wonderful therapists.

For those of you who were there……. stay tuned …. we will be announcing the winners of our raffle very shortly 🙂

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