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Jennifer Bottomley – Fabulous Testimonial for our highly acclaimed faculty member

Testimonial from Staci:

I recently attended the course, “Geriatric Neurology in the Medically Complex Client”, presented by Dr. Jennifer Bottomley. I wish to thank her again for coming to Scranton, PA, and hope that she will return again in the near future to present more of her courses. She presented a wealth of knowledge with enthusiasm and humor. It is obvious that her great knowledge and many accomplishments, which have benefited our senior population and PT profession, are driven by her compassion. I left feeling that I not only learned many new assessment and treatment ideas, but was also inspired!


Jennifer Bottomley

Jennifer Bottomley

Jennifer Bottomley is presenting her highly acclaimed course three more times this year:

October 24-25, 2014 – Weymouth, MA
November 14-15, 2014 – Minneapolis, MN
December 5-6, 2014 – Englewood, NJ

with multiple dates upcoming for 2015

Please click here for a brochure with full outline and schedule

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New Faculty Member Presenting New NICU Course

We are thrilled to be offering a new evidence-based NICU CEU course coming to Louisianna and California in November

Intervention in the NICU: A Neurodevelopmental Approach
Theory  • Assessment • Application • Evidence Based Practice

This course is designed to provide participants with evidence based research that will contribute to their development and implementation of best practices of therapeutic intervention programs within a NICU environment. This course is designed to provide the therapist currently practicing within a NICU setting the knowledge base to apply evidence based assessment, application and intervention services. 

Bertie Gatlin

Bertie Gatlin

Taught by Roberta “Bertie” Gatlin PT, ScDPT, PCS who graduated from University of Memphis with a BS in Special Education and from the University of Tennessee with a BS in Physical Therapy. She completed her Doctorate of Science in Physical Therapy and received her Board Certified Pediatric Clinical Specialty. Her experience draws from over 25 years of pediatric work within the NICU and 0-3 year population. She is currently Assistant Professor at UTHSC College of Health Professions in Memphis, TN. Bertie currently provides clinical care for two metropolitan NICUs and PT services for the University Therapists outpatient department. Her research focus is on the late preterm infant and their risk for developmental delay. She currently holds the chair position of the Memphis district TPTA, Tennessee State Representative for Section on Pediatrics for the APTA and vice-chair position for the NICU specialty interest group.  

Please click here for full course details, to download a brochure and to register for the course

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Register now for our Annual Therapies in the School Conference

We would like to remind you to register for our popular conference. 
This conference sold out last year and we would not want you to be disappointed:

Therapies school house Fifteenth Annual


November 20-21, 2014
Framingham, MA

Join us at this popular conference to learn creative, effective, evidence-based strategies that reflect the best practices for collaborative school based interventions. 
Network with therapists and educators from other school districts and learn how others are handling the very challenges you face each day. Nationally acclaimed speakers will address school-related topics such as visual and motor strategies to promote learning and participation, self-regulation skills, addressing gross motor needs and priorities, prioritizing and writing measurable and obtainable goals, practical tools to address sensory versus behavioral issues, the neurodevelopmental classroom, the top down model of assessment, and dealing with the anxious child.

Please click here for full information, a brochure and to Register

To avoid disappointment please remember to indicate your chosen breakout sessions

Join us to celebrate 15 years of coming together to meet the challenges of school based practice 

We invite you to attend our wine and cheese reception for our
15th Annual Conference Celebration

Thursday November 20 
at the end of the first day of the conference.
Please indicate your attendance on the registration form

We look forward to seeing you at this years conference



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Calling all Therapists Treating Vestibular Patients

As we launch our new advanced vestibular rehab course and are currently developing new vestibular courses we would like to create an avenue for you to discuss any clinical challenges or tips with other colleagues and would like to know if you would find this beneficial?

We have an established pediatric community and therapists are benefiting from sharing relevant information,clinical challenges and solutions and tips.

We are looking to offer similar discussion groups for vestibular therapists, and value your input. 

  1. Do you regularly visit clinical discussion groups? If so which ones?
  2. Would you visit/contribute to a discussion group dedicated to vestibular rehab and therapy?
  3. Is there a particular format in which you would like to see the discussion group offered?
  4. How would this be most beneficial to your practice?

Please comment below or email me here with your comments and suggestions.

Thank you so much for any input as we strive to meet your needs.



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NEW Advanced Vestibular Rehabilitation CEU course with the Expert; Richard Clendaniel

Richard Clendaniel

Richard Clendaniel

We are thrilled to be able to offer another course from our renowned expert: Rick Clendaniel. Anyone who has attended Rick’s Vestibular Rehabilitation course previously will benefit from this new course.

This advanced course will focus on the assessment and treatment of patients with vertigo and dysequilibrium from unusual vestibular causes. The course is designed for clinicians (PT & OT) with prior vestibular rehabilitation course work and clinical experience. Material covered will include advanced techniques for treating anterior and horizontal canal BPPV, central causes of dizziness (including concussion), identification and treatment of cervicogenic dizziness, chronic subjective dizziness, migraine and other unusual vestibular disorders. As vestibular disorders occur across the lifespan and with various disorders, this information is applicable to a large patient population with symptoms of dizziness.

As vestibular disorders occur across the lifespan and with various disorders, this information is applicable to a large patient population with symptoms of dizziness.

Prior vestibular rehabilitation course work and experience treating patients with vestibular disorders are necessary before taking this course.

“Richard is a credit to the profession; he is knowledgeable, well spoken, and an extremely pleasant presenter. The content of the material covered was detailed and well organized.” -Fran Kramer 

Vestibular Rehabilitation – Advanced with Intensive Labs
lick here for more information to download a brochure or to register

September 12-13, 2014 – White Plains, NY
January 17-18, 2015 – Wallingford, CT
April 11-12, 2015 – Philadelphia, PA
May 30-31, 2015 – Matthews, NC

With further dates to be added

Please contact us if you need further information


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Therapist Looking for Help for Baby with Torticollis

Post from Brandy:


Hi! I was hoping to get some other professional’s input on my torticollis baby that I am seeing now. This baby came in initially as a right sided torticollis, came in for the 3rd session with head tilted to L. I thought to myself “oh great, mom is doing A LOT of stretching and may have overstretched.” Yet upon conversation with mom, she states that this baby has switched sides before. We went through several of her pictures and sure enough she switches sides. Right side moreso than left. The baby has decent head control, head up to almost 90 in prone and holds vertical in supported sitting. The baby was born at 36 weeks (is 6 months now) and did have some minor complications at birth. I only can think of 3 reasons why this baby is switching sides: benign paroxysmal torticollis of infancy (although these babies tend to be fussy and my pt. is not!), ocular lesions, or reflux/sandifer syndrome. I have discussed this with the MD whom is getting a neuro eval. Any other ideas? Please help. The mom is very compliant with HEP, baby is rarely in a car seat or positioning device, does her HEP. I should note that this baby does have some abnormally increased tone and prefers extension, still has jittery movements of extremities. Otherwise appears and seems socially normal. Thanks!! 

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Get a Jump Start on Back to School with Online CEU Courses

Online pictureOur newly launched online sessions (recorded live) from our highly acclaimed Annual Therapies in the School Conference are proving to be extremely popular.

Be prepared for back to school in September with the latest evidence based strategies to implement in the classroom.

Choose from six individual sessions, or choose the complete package of all six sessions; a great option to share with your colleagues or district.



Please click here for session descriptions and faculty bios 

Click here for CEU details

Registration Fees including a discounted rate for group/district purchases:
$129 per session (2.5-3 contact hours)
$29 per additional CEU certificate

$599 for complete package of all six sessions (16.5 contact hours)
        $39 per additional CEU certificate (0-9)
        $34 per additional CEU certificate (10-20)

Individual registrations are available online.
Please call the office for group/district registrations. 
Click here for an online course registration Form

We know that for some of you, it may not be possible to attend every conference you would like, and for others, supplemental materials will enhance your learning when attending our highly regarded live programs. Still others have told us that they want to share the material they have learned at one of our live courses with their colleagues, administrators and the families they serve. That is why we developed our new e-Learning program taught by leading experts in their fields.    

Please visit our FAQ Page  

Call with any questions

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TBI still a hot topic – CEU course returns in 2015

Shared from PT in Motion (June 25th 2014 )

TBI Reauthorization Bill Approved by House

The US House of Representatives passed the TBI Reauthorization Act (H.R. 1098) on June 25th and will now move to the Senate. 

 If it is signed into law, the act will provide funding to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), the National Institutes of Health (NIH), and the Health Resources and Services Administration (HRSA) for TBI research and programs supporting individuals with brain injury. 

Lezlie Davidson returns to Education Resources in 2015 with Traumatic Brain Injury: Cognitive Rehab, a Foundation for Functional Success

Multiple dates will be offered and we are currently confirming venues

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Free CEU course awarded to New Grads


Thank you to all the new therapists who joined our mailing list, and congratulations on your graduation. We are sure that you will enjoy your chosen profession and enjoy the rewards that it will bring.

We were thrilled to announce that we have awarded a free CEU course to some of the entries.

Education Resources would like to help you plan your future professional development and guide you through your continuing education requirements.

We offer relevant dynamic continuing education courses  for PT’s, PTA’s, OT’s OTA’s and SLP’s  in a full range of specialties: Pediatrics, Special Education, Adult/Geriatric Rehab., Feeding, Acute Care, NICU, Home Care, and many more.

Please click here to join our mailing list 

We also encourage you to join our popular Blog and Facebook page where where we post clinical challenges and solutions, therapy nuggets from our distinguished faculty, therapy tips from colleagues, professional development and CEU issues, as well as clinical research updates.

Please feel free to post any thoughts and comments; ideas for future courses, topics, future speakers. We look forward to welcoming you to our ERI community.

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Physical Therapy Designed for Cardiac, Pulmonary Patients

Our new Faculty Member Komal Deokule shares how her clinic caters to the special needs of cardiac and pulmonary patients:

Please listen to her podcast  shared here with you from “pttalker”

Please share with us how your clinic meets the special needs of this group of patients.


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