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New Course! Robert Hand Helps Therapists Treat Patients with Neurodegenerative Conditions

Robert (Bobby) Hand, board-certified clinical specialist in neurologic physical therapy, multiple sclerosis certified specialist, and ERI faculty member, will offer a new course, “Rehabilitative Management of Patients with Neurodegenerative Conditions.” This course will improve clinician skills from diagnosis through late-stage management of progressive conditions like Parkinson’s disease, multiple sclerosis, amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, and Huntington’s disease.

As therapists, we know that rehabilitation professionals play a crucial role in the treatment of neurodegenerative conditions. But how do therapists set appropriate goals and apply interventions when treating conditions that present individuals with new, often worsening, impairments? Bobby will answer that question by drawing on his professional and personal expertise, and through evidence-based techniques, literature review, video case studies, and group discussion.

“Rehabilitative Management of Patients with Neurodegenerative Conditions” is being offered in Texas, California, Pennsylvania, and Washington D.C. Register today to improve your understanding of diagnoses, pathologies, and medical management of patients battling neurodegenerative diseases.

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ERI to offer NEW online Course – Vestibular Rehabilitation for the School-Aged Child and Adolescent

We are excited to be able to announce the launch of a new online series
Vestibular Rehabilitation for the School-Aged Child and Adolescent,” 

taught by Inger Brueckner, MS, PT, an expert in pediatric vestibular dysfunction. 


New to treating vestibular patients? Get started here! 
Previously worked with adults? Adapt your skills to treat pediatric patients! 

The online course, which benefits practitioners in schools, hospitals, OPD, and clinic settings, combines lectures, lab demonstrations, and presentations to teach evidence-based techniques and identify and treat common vestibular conditions in children and young adults.

  • Learn new, cost-effective screening/assessment and treatment techniques to improve functional outcomes
  • Update classrooms to improve functional outcomes
  • Improve communication with school nurses, parents, and teachers
  • Identify children whose school functions are negatively affected by visual/migraine and HA/vestibular issues
  • Develop home exercise programs for children with vestibular issues

Registration is open at, or by calling ERI at 800-487-6530.

Through the course, Ms. Brueckner teaches practitioners how to describe the vestibular system and common pediatric dysfunctions to patients and caregivers. The course highlights the role of therapy in managing and treating vestibular disorders including mTBI, Trauma, BPPV, autonomic and oculomotor dysfunction, visual motion sensitivity, vestibular neuritis, and dizziness imbalance and migrainous disorders. Clinicians will learn to design, implement, and modify treatments to ensure optimal patient success.    

“Having researched and practiced in the field of vestibular dysfunction and rehabilitation for more than 25 years, I understand the challenges in diagnosing and treating and children and adolescents,” said Inger Brueckner, MS, PT, and ERI faculty member. “I am excited to offer my course in an online setting to help clinicians address the needs of this unique population.”

The course’s online format offers clinicians a flexible format to extend learning and expertise.

Participants can register for the entire online course series (a saving of over $200) or  four individual segments:

Understanding the Unique Aspects of the 
Vestibular system in Children and Adolescents

Pathophysiology of Vestibular Symptoms in Children

Pediatric Vestibular Screening and Assessment: Evaluation and Testing

Practical Treatment Techniques to Improve Function and Participation 
for the Child with Vestibular Symptoms (includes lab)


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ACRM Honors Dr. Mark Nash with John Stanley Coulter Award


Congratulations to ERI faculty member Mark S. Nash, PhD, FACSM on receiving the 2018 John Stanley Coulter Award at the 95th American Congress of Rehabilitation Medicine (ACRM) Conference in Dallas, Texas. Dr. Nash is an expert in the field of Neurological Surgery and Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation and the award recognizes his professional achievements which have contributed significantly to the field of rehabilitation.

Dr. Nash teaches ERI course “Pharmacology Fundamentals for Therapists” which examines prescription and non-prescription medicine used in the therapy setting, as well as the side effects that influence treatment and outcomes. He is a dynamic instructor who is highly regarded for his ability to take complex information and make it meaningful and clinically relevant. His pharmacology courses have earned widespread kudos for ease of understanding and relevance to therapy practice. Check out what course participants are saying:

“The course was extremely informative but what made the course a home run was the presenter; Mark Nash. He presented the material in an extremely organized and efficient way with dabs of good humor, and the patience to adeptly answer all questions.” – J. Shulman

“This was one of the most informative and interesting courses I have ever been to in years. Dr. Nash was fantastic. I would recommend this course to any discipline in need of a good pharmacology review” – Class Attendee

Join us in congratulating Dr. Nash and be sure to expand your knowledge and practice safer, more effective therapy by registering for the course “Pharmacology Fundamentals for Therapists.”


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Distinguished Therapist Mary Massery Returns to ERI with New Course

If you are a therapist striving to improve your practice and treatment of children and adults with common consequential spinal and rib cage restrictions then you cannot miss ERI’s new course, “I SURVIVED, NOW WHAT? Treating the musculoskeletal consequences of maturing with a chronic health condition,” taught by Mary Massery, an expert in treating musculoskeletal restrictions. 

Recognized with numerous distinctions and honors, including The Florence Kendall Practice Award (American Physical Therapy Association’s highest clinical award), Mary Massery is a pioneer in therapeutic treatment. She is celebrated for her multi-system approach to analyzing, recognizing, and identifying treatments that transform the lives of patients, caregivers, and therapists. This course will teach therapists to identify and treat thoracic kyphosis, scoliosis, pectus deformities, rib flares, asymmetries, tightness, and implement proven methods to treat chronic pain and increase patients’ quality of life.

At ERI, we know our community of therapists is dedicated to improving the lives of their patients and we are confident Mary’s course can help improve your practice as well as your patients’ wellbeing.  

Don’t delay, register for Mary Massery’s new course, “I SURVIVED, NOW WHAT? Treating the musculoskeletal consequences of maturing with a chronic health condition.”

Space is limited!

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Looking to Treat Young Children with Complex Problems? Start Here.

When it comes to treating young children with complicated developmental challenges, too often it is hard to know where to begin. That is why ERI is excited to welcome Kim Westhoff, OTR/L, C/NDT, and introduce her new class “Integrating NDT, SI, and Motor Learning Perspectives in Pediatrics.”

A Pediatric OT instructor for NDTA and active member of the NDTA Instructor Group, Kim is truly passionate about her field. She knows “where to start” and how to design, implement, and execute treatment plans to help young children with neurodevelopmental, sensory, and motor learning disabilities and she wants to share her knowledge with you!

If you’re a therapist in a clinic, school, home-based, community-based, or hospital in or out-patient setting, Kim’s hands-on approach will help improve your clinical thinking skills and offer practical concepts and intervention approaches that can be easily and quickly applied to your practice.

We’re hoping Kim can assist as many therapists as possible so we are offering her course in three popular areas of the country – Texas, New Jersey and California.

Register for ““Integrating NDT, SI, and Motor Learning Perspectives in Pediatrics” today!

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ERI 2018 Year in Review

Happy New Year!

2018 was quite a year for us here at ERI – we were busy coordinating nearly 300 courses both online and in rehab facilities across 35 states, with nearly 10,000 clinicians in attendance! Our 19th Annual Therapies in the Schools took place in November and was a huge success with more than 300 people in attendance – in fact, many participants told us this year’s conference was “the best Therapies Conference” to date!

We welcomed faculty members Melissa Gerber, Rhonda Mattingly, Robin Glass, Lynn Wolf, Holly Schifsky, and Jocelynn Wallach who taught numerous OT, PT and SLP courses across the country throughout the year.

We were also busy behind the scenes in our Medfield, Mass. office welcoming three new employees; Carolyn Cwalinski, Lauren Offringa, and Catherine Troutman. Both Carolyn and Lauren bring their clinical expertise to help improve ERI offerings, work with speakers, and offer guidance to clinicians, while Catherine will assist with marketing and communication efforts.

Yes, 2018 was busy – but wait until you see what we have in store for 2019:

This year, ERI will help clinicians bring their practice to the next level by offering innovative classes and courses at online and at first-rate facilities across the country.

Once again, we are partnering with renowned experts in the OT, PT, and SLP field including Inger Brueckner, Richard Clendaniel, and Mary Massery.  We are also welcoming new, engaging faculty members including Colleen Carey, Robert Hand, Robyn Ligotti, Kimberly Miczak, Siobhan O’Donnell, Andrew Packel, Elizabeth Sauter, Pat Tino, and Kim Westhoff.

You’ll notice ERI’s new look this year with new branding and an updated and intuitive website that makes it even easier to find and register for ERI classes. Stay tuned!

Looking back, 2018 was an impressive year at ERI, and we are excited to welcome 2019!

Resolve to stay in the know this year by registering for our online mailing list which includes courses and information sure to help improve your practice!

Photo Caption: L to R: Carolyn Cwalinski, Barbara Offringa, Lauren Offinga, Cheryl Baker, Mandy Washington, Nisha Hochman, Carol Loria, Alyson Loria

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Your Contribution to OT Research Matters!

My name is Lisa Shooman, I am an occupational therapist and doctoral student at Simmons University. I’m conducting a research study about the education of OTs about childhood aggression. The requirements for participation in this study are that you are an OT or an OTA with at least one year of experience within the last five years, working with children between the ages of 5 and 12, in any setting. Here is the link for the confidential survey which should take about 10 minutes:

I would be grateful for the chance to learn from you because you have a lot of valuable knowledge that could be helpful for the work that I am doing. Please complete a simple survey which will take about 10 minutes to complete. Your participation is highly encouraged and your answers will be anonymous. To contribute to advancing OT research begin here:

The results of this study will help us better understand the needs of families experiencing aggression. Your participation is very important, and I appreciate that you will complete the anonymous online survey which takes about 10 minutes.

Thank you in advance! 

We ask that you please help Lisa, a member of our Learning Community, in her research. We will be happy to share her results and findings with you.

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ERI Instructor Bobbie Pineda Receives 2018 Patricia Buehler Legacy Award for Clinical Innovation

Congratulations to Bobbie Pineda, PHD, OTR/L renowned clinician, research scientist, and ERI faculty member on receiving the 2018 Patricia Buehler Legacy Award for Clinical Innovation from the University of Southern California. Bobbie teaches “Assessment and Intervention with the High-Risk Infant in the NICU and During the Transition to Home,” a popular two-day ERI course that focuses on the practical strategies to address behavioral, developments and feeding assessment and intervention with high-risk infants in the NICU. The course has helped countless neonatal therapist enhance observational and clinical skills that improve patient outcome in the NICU and during the transition home.

ERI faculty member, renowned clinician, and research scientist Bobbie Pineda, PHD, OTR/L receives the 2018 Patricia Buehler Legacy Award for Clinical Innovation from the University of Southern California.

Stacy Sheppard, OT, who attended Bobbie’s ERI class, says, “Great course! Bobbie is a great teacher and a wealth of knowledge for anyone working in the NICU.”  Student, Kyla Sherrard Ph.D., CCC-SLP says, “The level of research analysis combined with clinical application makes this a valuable course for any NICU therapist adding to the knowledge regardless of field.”

In 2019, ERI will offer Bobbie’s NICU course in six states across the country including Arizona, Kentucky, Georgia, Missouri, New York state, and California. Check out all the course details including cities and locations, by on the ERI website.

Join us in congratulating Bobbie on her most recent accomplishment and be sure to sign up for “Assessment and Intervention with the High-Risk Infant in the NICU and During the Transition to Home” today!

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19th Annual Therapies in the Schools Conference Recap

What happens when nearly 300 school-based therapists and specialists come together to exchange ideas, share resources, and address services and solutions?  A community of professionals dedicated to making a positive and meaningful impact on the lives of thousands of children and families is born.   

… and for the past 19 years, ERI has done just that; connect school-based therapists and faculty experts at the Annual Therapies in the Schools Conference. Our most recent conference took place November 2018 in Framingham, Massachusetts. The two-day course and featured leading faculty members and speakers offering fresh perspectives on the ever-evolving field of school-based therapy. 

Our attendees had a lot to say about this year’s conference, including:

“This conference is fabulous! ERI listened to therapists and provides topics that are requested. Information is relevant, and ideas are given to use immediately. It’s great to attend a conference that is geared specifically to school-based therapists. I highly recommend attending.” – C. Lalkas, Wolfeboro, NH

“If I can only attend one conference per year, this is it! I consider it a smorgasbord: a conference where I can come and be exposed to many different topics related to my professional all in two days!” – B. Tremblay, Lake Placid, NY

“My experience at Therapies in the Schools Conference has been outstanding. It has exceeded my expectations. The presenters were exceptionally professional and knowledgeable. They were also relevant to my practice. Eri Organized this conference very well and provided such a wide variety of optional opportunities as well. This conference is highly recommended to any therapists working in the schools!” – A. Semperbon, Laconia, NH

While we have offered our conference for 19 years, we are always energizing the crowd with new information and offerings. This year, attendees were invited to participate in Lunch Breakout Sessions including roundtable discussions to improve networking and share best practices, as well as informal Q&A sessions with faculty and speakers. 

We made sure to have a little (well, maybe a lot) of fun at our Wine & Cheese Reception and started off Day Two with a morning yoga session led by faculty member Anne Buckley Reen.

It was truly inspiring to see so many OTs, PTs, and SLPs travel from around the country and come together for two days of engaging conversation for the sole purpose of improving their practice and serving others. It was great to see familiar faces and meet new attendees as well. We can’t wait until next year!


Did you attend this year’s Therapies in the Schools Conference?  What did you like about the conference? What do you hope to see next year? Share in the comments below or join our Therapies in the Schools Discussion Group on Facebook!

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Discount for ERI CEUs. Happy Holidays to All!

From Education Resources

Wishing our Community of Therapists
Peace, Happiness and Joy for the upcoming year
We would like to offer a $50 discount towards a course registration fee.

Deadline Extended to Thursday, January 3rd 
Apply code: HOLIDAYS2018

Let ERI help you fulfill your professional development and continuing education requirements with our comprehensive selection of dynamic courses in 2018. Improve outcomes – by improving patient care.

Including many NEW courses and distinguished faculty members 

Not to be used in combination with other discounts or course credits. Non-Transferable. Only one discount may be used per conference. Must be applied at time of registration, not for conferences previously registered for. Not for online coursesor one-day courses. Exclusions may apply.

You can register online, call the office or fax in your registration.
Just mention the code! 

Please call, email or visit our website with any questions 

Please click here for our full listing of courses

Thank you
 Mandy 508-359-6533 ● 800-487-6530

Please Click Here to Join Our Mailing List

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