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Why Patients Don’t Exercise – What’s a Therapist to do?

Post from Education Resources Faculty Member: Suzanne Clark You do a great job putting together an exercise program for your patients with chronic disease. You teach them how to do the exercises and they return the demonstration. You give them … Continue reading

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School Based PT – Policies and Procedures

Sarah posts: DEAR ERI COMMUNITY:I am looking for PT eligibility/discharge criteria for school based PT. My district is working on beefing up their policies and procedures and I would like to know what is typical in other districts. 

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Pediatric Vestibular Rehabilitation

We are pleased to offer this popular continuing education courses. This course focuses on effective vestibular rehabilitation for treating children with dizziness, coordination, balance, motor, postural, vestibular, visual motor, perceptual, sensory organization and motion disorders due to disease, toxicity, infection, … Continue reading

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CEUs for NDTA re-certification

Do you need NDTA Re-certification? We do offer many NDT courses taught by active NDTA instructors, helping you to meet your required 20 hours of CEUs within 3 years: Intensive Handling and Problem Solving for Function: An NDT Approach This … Continue reading

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Pharmacology Fundamentals for Therapists

Pharmacology Fundamentals for Therapists  Patients undergoing therapy routinely take both prescription drugs and OTC medicines that ultimately influence treatment outcomes. Therapists with knowledge of these medicines practice safer, more effective therapy. The course will examine Rx and non-Rx medicine used … Continue reading

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Therapist is seeking your suggestions and strategies for treating an autistic patient with JRA, and Total Hip Replacement

Samantha Posts: DEAR ERI COMMUNITY: I am a relatively new physical therapist and have an interesting patient that I would appreciate tips/suggestion for treatment techniques. I work in an acute care setting. I typically work with orthopedic patients (adults), those … Continue reading

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Why Runners Don’t Get Knee Arthritis

A recent study published in Med Sci Sports Exercise (September 12, 2013 (Epub ahead of print) compared the forces that were generated (knee joint loads) while running to walking over the same distance in a small group of healthy adults. … Continue reading

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AEIOU Systematic Approach to Pediatric Feeding – CEU course for Therapists

Nina Ayd Johanson a highly regarded clinician and renowned teacher presents this highly successful method for integrated treatment of infants and young children with challenging feeding disorders using sensory, oral motor, biomedical and environmental strategies. Nina has extensive experience in home-based early intervention and parent training specializing … Continue reading

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Therapist seeks your help and advice for patient with severe ASD

Jennifer Posts: DEAR ERI COMMUNITY: Hi everyone. I’m having a hard time with a patient I’m working with and would like some advice/tips please. I’m working with a 12 y/o female dx with severe ASD. She is almost completely nonverbal … Continue reading

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