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Torticollis and moderate pectus cavum

Rachel Posts: DEAR ERI COMMUNITY: 10 month old with mild right torticollis and moderate pectus cavum   I am an EI occupational therapist working with this family for 2 months now.  I have only seen one other child with torticollis … Continue reading

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Physical Therapy and Occupational Therapy Make Best Jobs for 2012 Top 10 List

Occupational therapy, physical therapy and speech pathology are here to stay! Worried about the economy, unemployment etc.? Don’t be. According to US, which compiles a list of the best careers every year based on the Labor Department’s employment projections, … Continue reading

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Failure to Thrive – Feeding

Kristen Posts: Dear ERI COMMUNITY: I am a pediatric nurse practitioner working with a child who struggles with severe oral aversion. At 18 months old she was diagnosed with sensory processing disorder and failure to thrive and enrolled her in … Continue reading

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How to Wrap-up Your In-Service.

Leaving your colleagues inspired and wanting for more information can be a challenge. In your final comments, repeat your main points.  Tell your colleagues how they can obtain further and more in-depth information.  If you are so inclined, invite them … Continue reading

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10 words to Use to Enhance your In-Service Presentation to your Therapy Department…..

Use emotion words and logic words.  Use some of these words if they are appropriate to your content and comfortable for you:   Emotion words such as instinct, felt, reaction, sense, confident. These words are most helpful in describing clinical … Continue reading

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Therapy Tip: Autism and Feeding

Jennifer Posts: DEAR ERI COMMUNITY: Tip for OT’s working on feeding:I recently attended a conference on Autism and an amazing OT & DO, Paula Aquilla was one of the presenters. She shared many techniques she has tried, but one that has … Continue reading

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Evidence Based Approach to Feeding Fragile Infants

ERI Faculty, Erin Ross publishes Paper: Erin Ross, a speech language pathologist and Education Resources, Inc. faculty recently co-authored a paper describing her successful oral feeding of preterm and other ill and fragile infants, based on the SOFFI (“Supporting Oral … Continue reading

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Help: Challenging EI Patient

Linda Posts: DEAR ERI COMMUNITY:I am an experienced OT (37 years) working in Early Childhood Intervention working in the home. Our program really wants us to use what is in the home and in the child’s natural environment. I have … Continue reading

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